2016 Presidential Debate at Hofstra!

Hofstra is preparing for one heck of a debate, or at least that’s what the limited parking spots tell me.


The good, the bad, and the, “Can you get out of my parking spot? I have a 9am!”

The presidential debate is an amazing thing that Hofstra was offered for the third time consecutive debate, but it also gets very annoying when you’re the one on campus when everything is being set up. You see men on ladders day and night setting up posters, banners, security cameras, and the ever dreadful, “no parking” tape.

I hear people walk into my classes these weeks saying that they were late because there was no parking available, and I can totally attest to that. I live on campus, but I walk from the Netherland dorms on the other side of everything, so I can see what all of these people are going through. One little black car the other morning drove from parking lot to parking lot trying to find a parking space, but finally gave up and wound up parking on the street. Kind of sad, but totally a viable solution when your campus is in charge of the debate.

With everything going on on campus you can feel that you are about to be in the center of the world for a little while. You can literally see how many events for outsiders to attend there are, you can see the hype when news stations stop by, and you hear the stress from student volunteers about all of the work that they have to do in preparation for the debate.

Even with all of this going on, it’s easy to get annoyed, frustrated, and to the point where you just want to turn back to your dorm room and go back to sleep instead of finding an alternative unblocked way to classes, but you learn to push past it because you know it’ll be worth it.

Three consecutive debates for a university is a once in a lifetime kind of thing and so far, Hofstra, is the only university to be able to have that title. Being on campus and experiencing this all is so surreal, and I know many of us are complaining about it now, but I feel that once debate day arrives we’ll all feel a lot more excited, and in the days afterwards, a lot more calm.

#HofDebate2016 is almost here, so don’t let the struggles of set-up get in your way!

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