Will This Presidential Debate Even Matter?

The upcoming Presidential Debate at Hofstra University has been billed as historic, but many students are beginning to wonder if the candidates will be worth watching.


As the time for the 2016 presidential debate rolls near, the country is beginning to wonder how much of a difference this debate at Hofstra is actually going to make.

With so much preparation going into the debate, events that happened before it such as the ‘birther’ announcement and Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton’s health, and the whole idea that this night could decide our nation’s fate, people hope that it will be all the world has hoped for.

Hofstra University has put in many hours and months into debate preparation and as they head to their three-peat on Monday Sept. 26, there is no doubt that the university has the debate under control.

In my personal opinion, as a student on campus, who just recently got heavily involved in politics, think that this presidential debate will be worth watching. I believe that with two very unpredictable candidates that really like to hype themselves up it’ll be worth watching even if it just be for the commentary of it.

I believe that Clinton has a strong head on her shoulders and knows what she wants to push towards, but I think her email scandal will still come back to bite her in this debate. I feel that since nothing was ever finalized with it that Republican Candidate Donald J. Trump will throw that back at her. Although with this in mind, Clinton always of course could bring up Trump’s tax returns.

As a student that is doing media coverage for social media during the presidential debate I believe that even if the debate at 9pm ET on Sept. 26 doesn’t live up to your expectations then all the coverage beforehand will.

There is speculation that Green Party Candidate Jill Stein will try to make her way onto Hofstra’s campus to promote herself for presidency. There are protests planned to happen in late afternoon along the Hempstead Turnpike. There are also many activities on campus that will keep visitors entertained, but also all of the people watching at home.

This presidential debate means everything to Hofstra at the moment, and I can truly say that I hope this broadcast of the debate is everything the nation, even world, have waited for. Hofstra has taken all responsibility into their hands for the candidates and the only thing they can hope is that the presidential candidates will bring their all.

I think that the candidates each have their own views, many of which are contradicting, so they will each be able to go neck-to-neck debate night. Their sharp wit and biting tongues are definitely going to play to each of their strengths the night of the debate. We’ll all just have to see if they prepare hard enough to fight to the end.

No one knows what to expect, but with things being quiet in the political aspect as of the moment I am writing this, I think the candidates will be bringing their A-game.

Will the presidential debate truly make history for our nation, or will it be a disappointment and flop?

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