Residents of Perkasie, Pennsylvania Prepare for Autumn Activities

With the help of some residents, here are the top five things to do this fall in Perkasie, Pennsylvania.


This is the time of year where children decide who they want to be for Halloween, parents start collecting candy to hand out, and almost every child begs their parents to buy them a pumpkin from the front of the grocery store.

With all of these activities going on it’s sometimes hard to remember that there is more to the autumn season than just Halloween. In a recent outreach on Facebook, I went back to my hometown roots and found out some of the residents’ favorite fall activities.

Apple Season!

During this time of year, the apples are just right! “They are so fresh, crisp and cold this time of year — delicious!” Stephanie Susavage, Perkasie resident comments.

Solebury Orchards located in a town just a few miles from Perkasie offers apple picking to the public as well as great deals on fresh produce straight from the orchards.

If you are in the southeastern Pennsylvania area, be sure to stop off for some apple picking! Even if you are not, maybe a town you have never visited is offering it. Why not make a day trip out there and do some apple picking?

Horror Movies

“Watching horror films,” were Perkasie resident, Steven VanValkenburgh’s three words for the fall season. For him there is nothing better than to break out some horror films and watch them in ode to Halloween.

You have to watch the, “standard Halloween ones [like] Halloween (Michael Meyers), Friday the 13th (Jason), and Jeepers Creepers,” VanValkenburgh states when asked about some on his must watch list.

Also, feel free to check out Gamespot‘s list of the top 23 horror movies you need to watch this season!

Check your local listings, your family’s DVD collection or log onto Netflix or Hulu and see what horror movie collection they have there.

Pumpkin Decorating

It wouldn’t be the fall season without pumpkins! You have to, “decorate pumpkins,” Roxy VanValkenburgh, Perkasie resident, states when asked what fall activities residents of the town take part in.

Pumpkin decorating is huge in Perkasie. When I was back home I remember going for a pumpkin at the local grocery store mid-October and finding hardly any left. Families will hold pumpkin decorating contests within their blocks, or even within their households where the winner of the family gets extra candy on Halloween night.

During the Perkasie Fall Fest each year pumpkin decorating contests are always held on 7th and Market St., right in the heart of Perkasie. Attend this and you’ll be sure to get your fair share of pumpkin decorating in this season.

Mason Lonsdale, 3, of Sellersville, decorating a pumpkin at Perkasie’s Fall Fest.

Visiting Real Haunted Houses

If I remember correctly one of the main attractions this time of year is visiting haunted houses, but not the pretend ones!

If you’re into history and fright this is definitely an activity you have to do in Perkasie. Check out Perkasie Alive’s website for a listing of all the haunted buildings in the area.

One place that I highly recommend visiting is the Pineapple Hill Inn Bed & Breakfast. This has many reported sightings of ghosts within the house. One of these sightings include the original owner of the inn waking women up on the second floor rooms and in the attic suite with a kiss to their cheek.

Visit here to book a reservation today!

Pineapple Hill Inn Bed & Breakfast

Halloween Costumes

In Perkasie, Halloween is one of the most important times of year, so it’s only right that people go all out for it. The most common thing is competing for winning best costume.

“When the kids were younger [it was] definitely making Halloween costumes,” Stephanie Susavage mentions about the best thing to do in Perkasie in the fall.

Many families begin in the early days of October to create the perfect Halloween costume. Yes, some still do buy their Halloween costumes, but this is the time of year where many families show off their creativity.

These costumes definitely do not go to waste as there are many times throughout the season you can show it off. You are welcome to wear it to Fall Fest, school for the Halloween parades the district holds, as well as the annual Halloween parade held in Sellersville and Perkasie. There are awards for best costume as well as collecting candy from the sidelines while parading.

The Halloween parade is scheduled for Oct. 29 this year.

Costumed children and their family members during the 2014 Halloween parade that begins in Sellersville on Church St.

This time of year is bursting with activities to do in Perkasie. If you’re from Perkasie let me know what your favorite things to do there in the fall are and maybe I’ll do a feature on a large event!

If you’re not from the area, share with me some of the special fall things to do in your town and it may possibly be featured later this month when I move across the world to share some fun fall things to do in other countries!

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