New York City Is The Place To Be Anytime Of Year

These streets will make you feel brand new…


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This past weekend my friend and I decided to go into New York City. While there, we realized just how unpredictable Times Square can be.

We arrived in the city around 4 in the afternoon after we had spent the morning in Brooklyn, NY. Brooklyn and Manhattan are very different, but we realized quickly that in Times Square there is always something to do.

We had both been to Times Square before, but never really explored on our own, so it was nice to take the day and do so. Since we had went on Halloweekend there were events going on from day to night.

Some of these events included Halloween street art, costume contests on sidewalks, kids and adults shopping in their Halloween costumes, and my favorite part, Halloween inspired food lining the streets.

There were advertisements everywhere for Webster Hall’s Halloween Party on Oct. 31. You could hear the chatter in anticipation for this event.

In our exploration, we found an amazing Five Guys restaurant at 252 W. 42nd St. in New York, NY. This place is packed to the point where you can hardly find a seat, but even if you have to stand in a corner and enjoy your food, it is worth it.

Earlier in the evening we explored a few stores and did a bit of shopping. We hadn’t realized how large the stores were until we were inside. Forever21 is four stories high, but the main level is above ground with the rest below ground level. It was safe to say, we were both surprised about that.

We spent quite a few hours just walking around. This amused us the most. The people dressed in costumes as their jobs and looking for tips were amusing. While this was amusing they have a tendency to harass passersby and my friend and I, just so happened to be one that they decided to target. After a long few moments of trying to get away, we made our way over to the center of Times Square, or as most people know it as the place where the ball drops on New Year’s.

That had always been one of my favorite places in the world. To actually be there, at night, for the first time was like a dream come true. I had never really explored the city before; it was more just there and I had never visited.

By the end of the night before we had to catch our train something peculiar had happened. When you think New York City, you think new, spontaneous, and modern, but at that moment it wasn’t. There was a horse and buggy crossing the street that caused a bit more of a traffic jam than usual. That moment was a first for me. I never thought I would see that in the middle of Times Square.

If I can recommend one place for you to make sure you visit, it would be New York City. I can go on about all of the spectacular things I experienced this weekend, but by the time you go and visit, I can guarantee that all different events will be going on. New York City is unpredictable and that’s the best thing about visiting it.

New York City is meant to be an ever-changing city and this weekend most definitely proved that to me.


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