Election Night Elevated Quickly

For the first time in my life, I truly fear for the future of our country.


Early in the evening you could see people all around campus, and even all over the world watching live coverage of the outcomes of the 2016 election.

While most of my house were either in the lounge together watching it, or even in my suite’s common room, I was sadly stuck in my room watching the coverage from a stream on my laptop while studying for a huge final.

Either way, you could hear the cheers, groans, and words of despair as each state declared where majority ruled in the election. Pennsylvania, my home state, was a state of controversy for most of the night; a state that first showed up blue on the FiveThirtyEight election map and on CNN’s live coverage showing Democrat Hillary Clinton had won majority. Within the next few hours, and my 12:30 at night, Pennsylvania’s color had turned to red and it was now a Trump tackled state.

Sadly, I had to get up at 6 in the morning, so I wound up falling asleep right before the results were given. Although, I did not wake up to my alarm this morning, but instead woke up to the sounds of tweets pouring in and texts being sent to me.

Let’s just say I was not too happy about the winning candidate. While I know a lot of people that are for Republican Donald Trump, I for one, was not. He stood against many things I believed in such as him wanting to defund Planned Parenthood, his opposition to nationwide marriage equality, and his opinions on women’s rights.

I was not at first even thinking about my after college years with this election, but I was instead trying to figure out which candidate would be the most helpful within the next four years I am in college. We always have to look ahead, and ahead of me were the next four most stressful and unpredictable years of my life. I knew Clinton’s views lined up more with mine, so I felt comfortable with her as a candidate. Trump on the other hand always made me feel as if I had to be on my toes not knowing when he would tread on me next.

The election is over and Republican Donald Trump is now our new President of the United States. It really is crazy to think about, but I guess it will just have to be something that we all come to accept over the next four years, or at least we work our hardest to recreate a nation that already is in trouble.

For the first time in my life, I truly fear for the future of our country. I’m not saying Trump is awful, but what I am saying is that the next four years are going to be quite unpredictable.

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