Heading Home for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again where college students all around the world are heading home for the holidays.


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It’s that time of year again where college students all around the world are heading home for the holidays. At Hofstra University especially, the students cannot wait for finals to be over with, so that they can pack up their suitcases and head home as soon as possible.

All of my friends and I have agreed that we’re the last of our friends to arrive home. “My friends wanted to have a Christmas party the other night, but since I wasn’t home, they had to hold off,” Lauren Lauder said.

Some students on campus were able to leave early because they had all of their finals earlier in the week. My roommate was gone by evening on Sat. Dec. 17, and my suitemate was also gone at 5 in the morning on the 18th. I will still be on campus until Dec. 21st at 11 at night.

My friends from universities across the United States have already made it home and settled back in. They have been texting me pictures of them curled up with their pets back home, or group pictures of them all together out for late night hot chocolate.

During this time of year holidays are happening all of the time and whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan or something else, there is always joy to find in the air. People just can’t wait to get home to their families and to get into the holiday season, but the transportation is the only drawback.

Some of us college students have to catch airplanes, trains, buses, or cars to head home for the holidays. It is no easy trek either this time of year because all of the unpredictable winter storms have been causing delays everywhere for students during this holiday travel season.

AAA predicts that this holiday season will be recording breaking in numbers. They estimate that more than 103 million Americans will travel this holiday season.  In just 2014, that estimated number was at 98.6 million.

Many of the early travelers will be college students as they head back home, while the later ones will be families and friends traveling to one another for celebration.

I know most college students just want to get out of their university as soon as possible. The semester was hard enough and finals week was even more stressful and all these students can’t wait for is to get home to their own bed. A good month long break is something all of us college students deserve from time to time.

To find out what it is like for college students, specifically Hofstra students, to have to pack up their lives for five weeks and head home be sure to check out this video.

Also, find out what many college students can’t wait to do once they finally arrive home.

Happy holidays to everyone!

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